Crisis Management

Prepared, trusted legal counsel can be an organization’s strongest line of defense, bringing together the right resources when needed most.


Crisis arrives in many forms.  Any event that threatens an organization’s existence or ability to thrive can present a crisis situation, including embezzlement, a founder transition, a corporate takeover and lawsuits, among others. During times of crisis, we think systemically to develop long-term solutions.  We help organizations rally, identifying and leveraging resources during difficult times.


Here’s just a short list of the Crisis Management services we provide for nonprofits:

  • Fraud and embezzlement investigations and resolutions
  • Prevention and correction of self-dealing, private inurement transactions
  • IRS audits
  • Attorney General investigations
  • Co-counsel for litigation matters
  • Collections matters
  • Dispute resolution and settlement agreements
  • Reinstatements of tax-exempt status
  • Board tensions
  • Preventing corporate takeovers
  • Bankruptcy analysis
  • Succession planning
  • Educating board members
  • Assisting new executive teams in transition with due diligence
  • Representing interests of concerned board members and members

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